Rune Faustinus

Rune Faustinus Discord bot

Over 3000+ Users and 7 Servers

A private discord bot that can do anything like playing music and do fun stuffs. Based on Red Discord Bot.

Rune is currently hosting on Hetzner Online GmbH A high performance vps provider Located in Finland. (Not sponsored.)

If you interest in the lore of Rune Faustinus, or drawing him a fanart, full image and his info can be found here.

If you interest bringing him into your server contact me on Twitter or Discord: Charon#5488

Rune has been up and active for...

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Hosting Rune Faustinus cost some money. But that's fine for me, since I've been using my server for another projects like Charon Send A file sharing site that allow you to upload 4GB of files and share it with anyone else.

But if you like my works so far, consider donating via Liberapay Donation will help me keep the bot running. It's not a requirement and There's no premium or anything.